Ski mountaineering

Powder snow and wild landscapes

Untouched wilderness, breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain amphitheater, looking step by step for the silence and: this is the realm of ski mountaineers.

The upper Great St. Bernard Valley offers numerous ski touring trips with different difficulty levels, with powder skiing in wild and unspoiled locations.

Ski mountaineering has been at the center of a project aimed at diversifying activities in this area. In the Ski Alp Gran San Bernardo app, available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store, we have gathered 40 wonderful ski mountaineering itineraries in the Great St. Bernard Valley and the nearby Valais.

Remember that ski mountaineering is a sport that requires experience and caution. Before each trip, check the route based on your experience, equip yourself properly, check the weather forecast, and remember that you can be accompanied by mountain guides.


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The Interreg project of Skialp, led by the administrations of St-Rhémy-en-Bosses (as leader), Saint-Oyen, and Etroubles, has materialized through several actions. One of these includes the mapping of ski touring routes in the area, culminating in the creation of a paper map and, most importantly, an app with georeferencing that always allows the location of each route to be known.

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